The team

  • Dre. Ariane Martel
    Ariane Martel

    2011 Université de Montréal graduate, Dr.Ariane Martel joined the Clinique d’Optométrie BelleVue team in 2013 and became an associate in 2014. Over the years, Dr. Martel has built up a family-oriented clientele and attaches great importance to the comfort and well-being of her patients. She is very comfortable working with young children.

  • Mathieu Deshaies
    Mathieu Deshaies

    Dr. Mathieu Deshaies graduated from Université de Montréal in 2011. He joined our team in 2021 and became an associate in 2022. He tends to patients of all ages. He is also a pediatric clinic manager at the Clinique universitaire de la vision de l’École d’optométrie, where he supervises and guides students who practise with children aged 0 to 5 years. Patients appreciate him for his quiet manner and his efficiency.

  • Sophie Lam
    Sophie Lam

    Also a graduate from Université de Montréal, Dr. Sophie Lam joined the team in 2019. She serves a clientele of all age groups. Dr. Lam is very attentive to the needs of her patients and ensures their well-being. Rest assured that she will take time to answer your questions.

  • Marie Bernard
    Marie Bernard
    Dispensing Optician

    Marie has been working in the field of optics since 1980. She joined our team in 2017. Her vast experience is an asset when it comes to eyewear. She was an instructor for degree equivalence at the Ordre des opticiens d’ordonnance du Québec.

  • Angela Linares
    Angela Linares
    Assistant and Eyewear Stylist

    Angela has been welcoming and advising you with a smile since 2007.

  • Danielle Legault
    Danielle Legault
    Assistant and Eyewear Stylist

    Danielle joined our team in 2010. She is meticulous and attentive and knows how to put you at ease.

  • Sylvie Noël
    Assistant and eyewear stylist

    Sylvie joined our team in 2021. She will welcome and advise you with enthusiasm.