The Clinique d'Optométrie BelleVue optometrists perform complete eye exams. Screening for eye diseases is part of the routine exam, as eye health is our priority. We have state-of-the-art diagnostic instruments at our disposal, such as a retinal camera, an Octopus Perimeter (which measures the visual field) and a pachymeter.

A complete eye exam is recommended every one or two years, depending on the ocular and overall health of the patient, in order to detect the onset of the first stages of eye diseases. The exam fees are covered by the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) for people under 18 and over 65.

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At Clinique d’Optométrie BelleVue, we examine children from the age of 6 months. The optometrist adapts the exam to the age of the child. Eye exams at an early age help to detect visual problems as early as possible, thus increasing the possibility of effectively treating these conditions. It is suggested that a complete eye exam be carried out at the age of 3. In the case of strabismus (a squint) or if a delay in vision development is suspected, the exam should be performed as soon as signs appear.


Now an integral part of the eye exam, the retinal photo is an important tool in the screening and monitoring of retinal conditions. It also helps to detect some vascular diseases, such a high-blood pressure, cholesterol problems, diabetes, etc.


Our optometrists are able to prescribe contact lenses to help correct the majority of vision problems. The adjustment of contact lenses takes into account the original prescription, which must often be modified, and the curvature of the eye. The modality of wearing contact lenses adapted to your needs is also determined during the adjustment of contact lenses. Trials and checks should be made to ensure that your eyes are reacting well to the kind of lenses selected before you purchase them. Come and see us to find out about the available options.

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We have an onsite lens crafting lab which allows us to provide quick and efficient service. We keep an inventory of single vision lenses of current strengths, helping us to produce your glasses as quickly as possible. The presence of this lab allows us to craft new lenses in your own frame during a lens crafting appointment; this way, you can keep your glasses while waiting for the new lenses.


Our optometrists take ocular emergencies. Whether to treat an eye infection, remove a foreign body or to investigate a sudden change in vision, we try to see patients within a reasonable time, depending on the severity of the symptoms. Since there are scheduled appointments, you need to contact us for the availability of the optometrist. Please note that consultation fees apply.

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